Sunday, April 11, 2010

Memories of Mission Life

15 years ago almost to the day I arrived in the Texas Dallas Mission.
I must say, I am getting old, because I have had a hard time remembering things.
The highlight since we have been here has been running into old friends, members and converts.
I even got to do splits with some of the missionaries that served in one of my old areas.
Time goes by so fast. In a way it seems like I was just here, knocking on doors, but driving around and seeing old areas seems more like deja vu than a recent memory, everything is so foggy.
It is amazing how much everything has changed over those 15 years including myself. I wish I could say that I have changed for the better, but going out on splits with the missionaries brought back a fire I once felt for the gospel, that I miss having in my life.
While I may be more refined, professional, and wise in the ways of the world, my spiritual maturity has not seen the same growth.
Anyhow while Dallas has been one of our favorite areas, and has been a time of great spiritual reflection for me.
I hope to leave Dallas a better person than when I came here on this trip.
Sometimes I lose focus on what life is all about, and need to be reminded of why I am here.
Seeing old converts, visiting my old wards and apartments, and working with the elders here has been a great reminder for me.

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